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6 Free Apps To Teach Kids a New Language

free language apps for kids

Confession time. I studied Spanish in high school for four years, but I don’t remember much of it now. I wish I could recall phrases and words when I travel or have conversations, but it has all faded away.

It’s different for our kids today—with an ever increasing global economy, learning and retaining a new language is more important than ever. It’s also a great boost to college and job applications. The great news is that the best way to learn a new language is on something your kids probably love—their mobile devices. Check out these six great apps for learning a new language.

1. HelloTalk

Tap into your child’s love of talking with this unique app that takes the learning past flashcards and textbooks. This modern approach connects users with native speakers around the world to practice their new language skills through actual conversations, allowing users real-time feedback on their grammar and vocabulary. HelloTalk is based on a worldwide network of more than 70 data centers set up by communications company, which means that no matter where in the world you or your native speaker are, you can always have crystal-clear communication. No more relying on the general Internet or having dropped language lessons, so your kids can focus on practicing their skills.

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2. Duolingo

Duolingo was one of the first language learning apps, and it’s still one of the best. It stands out because it turns learning a new language into a game—perfect for kids of all ages. New words and concepts are taught through short lessons, which are then reviewed with quizzes and games. For each answer the user gets correct, they receive points and advance levels, unlocking bonuses along the way. Users can even compete against each other to see who can learn the best and the fastest.

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3. Lingvist 

Make your kid’s learning as effective as possible with this app that that uses a unique algorithm for personal learning that fits their needs. Lingvist remembers the words you struggle with and rotates them through the lessons more frequently than words you master quickly. This app focuses on words and skills that are practical for real conversation, which means your kids will be learning things they can actually use. Lingvist currently is only available for French and English, but there are plans to expand to other languages soon.

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4. Brainscape

It may not be the flashiest app out there, but there’s no mistaking that Brainscape is effective. This app focuses on one thing—flashcards—and it does it incredibly well. Each language comes with a deck of thousands of words, which are rotated according to how well you learn them. The response time is even customized to best match your learning style. It may be a harder sell to get your kids to practice on flashcards, but the language skills will definitely stick with them.

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5. busuu

Busuu doesn’t require an Internet connection, so users can access all the content on the go—it’s a great way to practice skills on the way to soccer practice or a swim meet for busy kids. The content was created by millions of native speakers, ensuring that it is accurate and usable. One of the best features is the streamlined learning option that highlights the best 3000 words and 150 topics for each language.

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6. Memrise

Memrise offers lessons and activities for more than 100 languages, ranging from the obscure to the fictional, including languages from popular books and movies. The activities are all formulated to stick in your memory quickly, allowing users to learn up to 44 new words per hour. With a huge variety of learning activities created by native speakers, there is something that matches everyone’s learning style.

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With these great apps, there’s no excuse for your kids to not learn a new language. It’s never been more important to do so, but the great news is that learning is fun and effective thanks to new technology.

6 Free Apps To Teach Kids a New Language

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What languages are your children learning?

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