Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Things Never To Do When Getting a Divorce


Divorce happens. While the plans never included separating from your significant other, things happen and feelings change. Hopefully it is a mutual decision, but if not, you need to move on with your life. Whatever the reasoning or the charge behind the divorce, you need to think of yourself and your family (if you have children). Due to this, whenever going through a divorce, you want to avoid making a few crucial mistakes that can cause all sorts of problems later on down the line. Some of these might not affect you based on how long you’ve been married, but to make sure, do whatever you can to avoid these five things while going through a divorce.

Don’t Forget to Change the Will

If you’ve been married for a while, chances are you have a will designed to include both of you together. Make sure to change this. The last thing you want is for one of you to get sick years down the line, only to remember you never changed the will. Now, even though you haven’t seen your former spouse in years, considerable assets may be going to them due to this. Your New York divorce attorneys can help you with this matter; just make sure to change the will. The lawyer can also help you determine if this is something you need to do jointly or can do on your own after the divorce is settled.

Don’t Get Pregnant


If you are seeing someone as you go through divorce, it doesn’t matter if you are seeing a woman or if you are a woman, the last thing you want coming up during a divorce is being pregnant. Once a potential child comes into view and there is no connection with the current, soon to be former, spouse, it really can complicate matters, not to mention the judge might be more lenient on giving more to the former spouse. A new child while going through legal divorce limbo is just not something you ever want to deal with. Even if you want a family with the new special someone, do what you can to wait for the divorce to be completely.

Don’t Just Avoid a Mediator

A mediator can be especially helpful. Even if the two of you are not in the best of speaking terms at present time, if you both can at least be cordial, it might be the best course of action, not to mention far less money to spend. Due to all of this, talk with the attorney to see if they can facilitate the mediator or if they recommend a quality third-party mediator to conduct the proceedings. It speeds up the process and lets you and your family move past the divorce.

Don’t Add Debt


Divorce is expensive. It often brings out additional fees and charges you were not expecting. Attorney fees are often pricey and you’ll likely be splitting everything with your newly divorced ex. The last thing you want is a sudden increase of your own, personal debt. So, cut down on expenses as much as possible.





Last but not least, don’t forget about taxes. Going from married to separated is going to require you to adjust how you file your taxes. This is especially the case if you have children as you’ll need to figure out who can claim deductions, mortgages and all sorts of other finances. It might be best to talk with your New York divorce attorneys for help with this matter. Also, bringing in a skilled accountant to help, at least in year one, is necessary.

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