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Just Born Sparkle Collection Baby Registry Picks

Mom-to-be and the newest Spit Up is the New Black contributor Tori partnered with Just Born for the following post. Samples were provided.

Crafting a baby registry is an essential element of preparing for impending parenthood — as much a part of the process as choosing a nursery theme and figuring out how to assemble furniture from illustrated-only instructions. It’s a great way to help out your friends and family who might want to share their excitement over the imminent arrival of the new tiny person you are creating by giving a gift. By registering, it lets well-wishers know exactly what you’d like and see what you’ve already received, hopefully preventing you from being the recipient of 13 nasal aspirators. It’s especially helpful to create a registry if someone will be throwing you a baby shower.

6 Baby Registry Must-Haves |

In addition to larger items, like a high chair or play yard, it’s a great idea to think about some soft goods too. These are the kinds of things you will use all the time so it’s a great idea to stock up. Just Born has a great selection of bed and bath solutions that are designed to provide comfort, safety and functionality. From soft nursery bedding and safe sleepwear to bath time basics, their products are designed to be durable and adorable!

Here are my six picks from the Just Born Sparkle Collection and a few from their other lines, too. They mix and match so well!

Just Born Pack

Swaddle Blankets
Boy 3-Pack Muslin Swaddle Blankets, $40

I’ve seen enough of my veteran mom friends use these to know they’re a must-have! Lightweight, 100% cotton muslin blankets are essential for swaddling baby in those early months—keeping them the right temperature without having a loose blanket in the crib, which is a safety no-no. They can also be used to drape over a stroller or lay on the ground for tummy time in the many months to come.

Just Born - muslin

Sea Anchor Simply Secure Swaddle, $17

This sleep sack meets a swaddler wraps up baby for a cozy snooze. I like to think it’s bleary 3 a.m. parent-proof, thanks to smart Velcro and an internal wrap. My favorite feature? The bottom opens for easy diaper change access or to offer ventilation, which my summer baby just might need.

Just Born Swaddle

Blue and Navy Washcloth Set 4-pack, $12.99

My own mom assures me you can never have too many of these! She stashed them all around the house, not just in the bathroom—there was always a supply in the kitchen too. My sisters and I were always presentable in public so I’ll follow suit and keep a supply of soft, cotton washcloths on hand, too.

Just Born Washcloths

Just Born Sparkle Sleep & Play Footie in Blue, $9.99

Growing up, we called them shuffle jammies—and it’s never too soon for the adorable footie jam to make an appearance! Whether napping or just chilling, these are a baby wardrobe staple and too cute to pass up.

Just Born Sleeper

Newborn Hats
Just Born Blue Newborn Hat 2-Pack, $7.99

Not just for winter babies, hats are super helpful in helping newborns keep themselves warm— babies aren’t born with the ability to self-regulate their temperature yet. A matching hat to compliment a sleeper is picture-perfect way of keeping them warm!

Just Born Hats

Baby Mittens
Just Born Blue Newborn Mitts 2-Pack, $5.99

A pair of lightweight mittens are a great idea in case your little one likes to scratch himself in the face with those inexplicably razor-sharp baby nails. Waiting for coordination never looked so cute.

Just Born Mitts

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